284. The Monk Abd al-Nur of Amid (d. 1755)

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The Monk Abd al-Nur of Amid
(d. 1755)

Monk Abd al-Nur, son of Nimat Allah of Amid, became a monk at Mar Malke’s Monastery in Tur Abdin in 1700. After his ordination as a priest he traveled the countries, reaching Rome and Paris. He returned from his trip and resided at the Zafaran Monastery and for sometime at Mar Yaqub (Jacob) Monastery (from 1722 till his death in 1755). He had a good knowledge of Syriac and a mediocre knowledge of Arabic. He translated into Arabic Bar Salibi’s scholia on the Gospel, and the book entitled The Cause of all Causes and Bar Kifa’s A Commentary on the Mysteries, The Ranks of Angels and On Paradise.645 His translation is partly good and partly poor. But the handwriting in which he transcribed many manuscripts is good.646