289. Bishop Gurgis of Azekh (d. 1847)

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Bishop Gurgis of Azekh
(d. 1847)

Bishop Gergis was a priest of the church of Azekh in 1832. After he became a widower he became a monk at the Zafaran Monastery. In 1842 he was ordained a bishop for Azekh under the name Cyril, to assist his brother Yeshu, metropolitan of the Jazira. Five years later he was treacherously and perfidiously murdered by the governor of the Jazira, Badr Khan Bey the Bakhti. He, may God have mercy on him, was a virtuous man. With his knowledge of Syriac, he composed an ode in the heptasyllabic meter on the invasion of Muhammad Pasha of Rwanduz of his country.659 It is also reported that he composed two lines of verse describing the water pipe.