291. The Chorepiscopus / Matta (Matthew) Konat (d. 1927)

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The Chorepiscopus Matta (Matthew) Konat
(d. 1927)

Corepiscopus Konat was born at Pampakoda in Malabar, India in 1860. He studied the Syriac language and religious sciences under some of his relatives. In 1883 he was ordained a priest and began teaching at the seminary in Kotaym. Then he established and operated a small seminary in his own village, from which a group of priests graduated. In 1926 he became a chorepiscopus and died in 1927.
Chorepiscopus Konat wrote a book on church festivities and letters. He translated from Syriac into Malyalim, chapters from Bar Salibi’s Scholia on the Gospel according to St. Matthew, the Nomocanon by Bar Hebraeus, the New Testament (except Revelation) which was published in 1936, and a selection of church rituals and hymns. Furthermore, he published the Ishim (Regular Weekday Service Book of Prayers) some anaphoras, the service of deacons, the orders of baptism, marriage, and funerals as well as the service book for principal feasts and the service book for the Week of the Passion.