292. Deacon Naum Faiq (d. 1930)

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Deacon Naum Faiq
(d. 1930)

Deacon Naum is son of Elias Palach. He was born at Diyarbakr in 1868, where he studied and mastered the Syriac language, of which he became greatly fond. He also mastered the Turkish language. In 1889 he was ordained a deacon and for twenty years He taught in the school at Diyarbakr. In 1912 he immigrated to the United States and resided at west New York, New Jersey. He died on February 5, 1930. We have read twenty lines of verse of his which are a translation of some of the Rubaiyyat (Quatrains) of Umar-i-Khayyam into Syriac.662 He also composed rhymed song in the heptasyllabic meter on Beth Nahrin. He also compiled some Arabic and Turkish anthologies.