Arghon [Arghun], the son of ‘Abaka [Abagha/Abaqa]

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After TAKUDAR, who was called ‘AHMAD, ‘ARGHON, the son of ‘ABAKA, [ruled]. The kingdom of ‘AHMAD having come to an end in the manner in which we have described, on the fourth day of the week, on the first day of the fifth month of the ARABS, of the year six hundred and eighty-three (A.D. 1284), that is to say on the twenty-sixth day of the month of TAMMUZ (JULY), of the year fifteen hundred and ninety-five of the GREEKS (A.D. 1284), ‘ARGHON, King of Kings, sat on the throne of the kingdom. And though many of the nobles said, ‘It is not right that ‘AHMAD should live’, ‘ARGHON said, ‘I will not take any part in the killing of him. But the mother of KUNGHARTAI and his sons know; if they wish let them kill him; and if they wish let them keep him alive.’ And having been kept a certain number of days under watch, the sons of KUNGHARTAI killed him, and the cause of their father was avenged, on the fourth day of the week, in the sixth month of the ARABS, that is to say the sixteenth day of the month of ‘AB (AUGUST) of [this] year. And the kingdom was established for ‘ARGHON, and he appointed one of the princes in each of the countries [554] at the head of the armies of BABIL, and MAZINDARAN, and ASSYRIA, and KHORASAN, and in BETH RHOMAYE; and the fear of ‘ARGHON fell upon every man, especially in SYRIA. It is said that when this report went to SYRIA, the hire of a camel [to go] from ALEPPO to HAMATH rose to four hundred zuze, for all men were on their faces and were fleeing towards EGYPT. For ‘ARGHON, the King of Kings, at the beginning of his kingdom made MAS’UD BAR KUTI king in MAWSIL and the districts thereof, and there was gladness for all the Christians. But they were grieved because on the day when ‘ARGHON came to AHMAD, the sons of JALAL AD-DIN TURAN killed the Igurian monk, the Amir ‘ASHMUT, in avenging the cause of their father.