263. The Monk Malke Saqo (d. 1490)

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The Monk Malke Saqo
(d. 1490)

Malke is son of Yuhanna (John) Khughaym nicknamed Saqo. He was born at Basibrina and became a monk at the Qartamin Monastery and mastered the Syriac language and literature. He composed in the twelve-syllabic meter a good lengthy ode (25 pages) in praise of the Virgin Mary. In another copy this ode is entitled the Nativity of Our Lord in Human Body.553 Another ode is against those who deny the virginity of the Virgin Mary.554 He also compiled an order for the Friday of the White, from old copies and wrote some husoyos. We have read in the service book for the principal festivals of the whole year which he completed in 1484, a commentary on the meaning of the procession in the Church.555 According to the Book of Life and as stated by the priest Addai, he died in 1490, not 1400 as Mingana has erroneously stated.