269. Metropolitan Sergius of Hah (d. 1508)

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Metropolitan Sergius of Hah
(d. 1508)

Sergius is son of Yusuf (Joseph) Qaruna of Hah. He became a monk in 1470 at the Cross Monastery where he was trained in asceticism by Masud the head monk of Tur Abdin, and reached a high degree of ascetic life. He was ordained a priest and performed the pilgrimage to Jerusalem twice, in 1489, and 1495. He also visited Cyprus. He was consecrated a metropolitan of Hah in 1505 under the name Dionysius. He most likely died in 1508.
He was a good writer and calligrapher, praised by his contemporaries. He wrote a useful tract on his trip to Cyprus and Jerusalem in which he described some places and the holy shrines. Only a fragment of it survives in his own handwriting.590 He also drew up in 1504 two husoyos for the Epiphany and the Saturday of Lazarus and composed some metrical supplicatory prayers and a rather involved metrical puzzle on Jerusalem.591